Scientists Reported Thermite Used in World Trade Center Demolition

Foreign media reported the shocking revelation in 2009:

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Ammo Purchases by DHS: Congress Demands Answers

The letter also seeks an explanation as to whether or not the apparent bullet stockpiling is part of a deliberate effort to restrict the supply of ammunition available to the public…” -Alex Newman, The New American

Janet Napolitano. Photo courtesy of

Fifteen congressman have signed a letter to Department of Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano demanding answers in regard to the agency’s massive armaments purchases over the last year:

Alternative news outlets like have forced news of the unusually large ammunition purchases by the highly unpopular federal agency into the mainstream media.  The Department of Homeland Security is estimated to have purchased somewhere around 2 billion bullets over the past year, enough ammunition to wage a decades-long war.


DHS To Buy 360,000 More Rounds of Hollow Point Ammunition

Angry Retired Army Officer Demands: DHS “Must Surrender Their War Weapons to Dept. of Defense!”

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Right-Wing the New “Terrorists?” SPLC and Media Disinfo

Fire-arms demonstrators, Albany, N.Y., on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013. Photo courtesy of:,0,2444361.story?track=rss

The SPLC and the new Terror Threat: Patriots

The media, the government, and its mouthpieces in the non-profit world such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, are hyping the so-called threat of the “right-wing,” “conspiracy theorists,” and “patriots.”  The Oklahoma City Bombing is commonly referred to in order to justify such paranoia, however the government’s finger-prints are all over the event, not to mention the Southern Poverty Law Center itself:

A Google search of the term ” American right wing terrorists,” provided “About 41,600,000 results.”  A search for the term “Islamic terrorism,” provided only “About 26,600,000 results.” Below are some samples:

“Peril from ‘patriots’” -LA Times,0,2444361.story?track=rss

“Right-wing extremist terrorism as deadly a threat as al Qaeda?” -CNN

“America’s right-wing terrorists” – Seattle Times

“The other terrorism: Right-wing extremism’s threat to America”

“Right-wing Terrorism is real”

“Does All Terrorism Come From the Right Wing?”

“New Study Highlights Threat From Far Right-Wing Groups in U.S.”

“A New Anti-Terror Front? Yes, the Government Thinks It’s ‘Right-Wing Extremists”

Here’s an Army report that echoes a similar notion:

“Challengers from the Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right”


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The Sandy Hook Massacre: Intelligence Operation?

Anderson Cooper's Nose Appeared to "Disappear" During Interview with Sandy Hook victim's mother. Photo Courtesy of

“We (British Intelligence) are the good guys.  And one of the reasons why we are the good guys is that we don’t approve of the killing of children.  You’d never get British Intelligence setting up a shooting like the Sandy Hook shooting in the United States, which was set up by the Germans via Mexico…and a bunch of crazy Mexican drug gangsters rolling up to a school and shooting the kiddies….We’d never touch an operation like that.”

-British National Security Lawyer Michael Shrimpton interviewed on January 11, 2013

Although the event has marked a furious gun control debate in the U.S., the details of the Sandy Hook Massacre of December 14, 2013 remain elusive, with contradictory media and law enforcement reports, unexplained reports of other possible shooters fleeing the scene, with one possibly being apprehended and released.

Interview from the Grave

Florida Professor James Tracy has questioned the details of the Massacre, including this screen shot of a Newtown Bee article from that morning, featuring an interview with Sandy Hook Elementary School Principal Dawn Hochsprung.

There is one problem: Principal Dawn Hochsprung was allegedly the first individual to be killed in the Massacre!

Screen-shot of Newtown Bee Article, Photo courtesy of

Professor Tracy’s blog:

Intelligence Op?

In a January 11 interview concerning elite pedophiles and deceased celebrity Jimmy Saville, British National Security Lawyer Michael Shrimpton suggests that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a foreign intelligence operation, utilizing Mexican gang members as shooters.

This startling allegation starts at approximately 9 min 45 seconds into video:

Anderson Cooper and the CIA

CNN’s Anderson Cooper,  son of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, attended Yale University, headquarters of the infamous Skull and Bones secret society, which is the American branch of the infamous and elder secret intelligence agency of the Illuminati, founded in Germany in 1776.

Cooper interned with the Central Intelligence Agency for two summers before pursuing a career in media after college.  His involvement with the case, via his show AC 360 on CNN, has been pronounced.  He has viciously attacked Professor James Tracy as well as anyone who questions the details of the massacre.

Phony Interview?

Cooper has even been accused of being involved in an intelligence operation to promote the official story, perhaps even staging a fake interview with a grieving mother at the funeral of her child, when his face partially disappears, suggesting a fake backdrop or “blue-screen:”


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Assault on Gun Rights: Is the Associated Press Working for Big Brother?

Eileen Sullivan and Others recieve Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting on in New York, photo courtesy of

AP Article Forces 1984 Author To Roll in Grave
Do gun bans protect your right to own guns?  It may sound stupid, but not if you work for the associated press:
Perhaps the author is not stupid, but serving an agenda?  Well write Eileen Sullivan, Comment on her article above, or follow her at:
This author believes that the spirit of and belief in freedom and the Second Amendment protect our gun ownership in order to defend ourselves collectively from tyranny.  Now that the corrupt tyrants are questioning our right to bear arms, perhaps we should ask them to act first.  Why are they arming themselves heavily while attemping disarmament of legal gun owners?
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CNN Attacks Alex Jones as the Infowar Heats Up

Alex Jones, photo courtesy of

Well the Orwellian machine of which CNN is part, is attacking radio show host Alex Jones again. This time with vicious slander:

Slipped in somewhat inconspicuously was the defamatory remark, but the sloppy propaganda was likely targeted to the less aware among CNN’s relatively low audience compared to that of Jones, who has referred to Dorner as a “piece of garbage.”

Keli Goff, photo courtesy of

Will Jones respond legally?  Or will he use his growing format to return fire, exploiting CNN’s already troubled credibility issues:

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Gun Control: Disarming the Public

Advocates Seek to Capitalize on Recent Mass Murders

Anti-2nd Amendment "Knotted Gun" sculpture outside United Nations Headquarters in New York. Photo courtesy of .

The recent atrocity at Sandy Hook (while still not fully explained and with contradictory reports of other shooters) has been seized upon by elitist gun control advocates as an opportunity to promote the disarming of the American public, and to attack gun owners and the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

However, the facts do not suggest that gun control makes a safer society.  Quite the opposite is true:

This from the CATO Institute:

Government Purchases Massive Supplies of Ammunition

This author wonders why, with all the current perils facing society and humanity, that certain special interest and media groups like MoveOn.Org are foaming at the mouth over gun control as economic catastrophe and the threat of world war loom.  Perhaps there is an agenda of provocation.  But history certainly shows how infamous tyrants valued and enforced disarmament of the public, as governments armed themselves to unprecedented levels.  See recent large purchases of ammunition by US govt:

Problems with the Official Story…Again (VIDEO)

Once again, as happens so often when the politics of violence are discussed, there are problems with the official narrative of the Sandy Hook shooting.  Police reports and eyewitness testimony suggest other suspects, with one atually seen in cuffs, detained in the wooded area adjacent to the school.  Who was this man and what happened to him?



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Colorado Shooting: The Martyrs

Six-year-old Veronica Moser Sullivan, killed in recent Colorado Shooting. Photo courtesy of

Following is a link to the stories of the people murdered in the recent mass killing dubbed the “Colorado Shooting.”  This author is referring to those killed as “martyrs” rather than the diminutive “victim.”  Rather than add to the victimization of society encouraged by such semantics, I will choose a more appropriate term.  Indeed, many of those killed died most honorably, shielding loved ones from bulletts and saving their lives.  Other martyrs were inspirations to others, or beloved family members.  This author wishes to honor these individuals as casualties in the war against inhumanity:

Another reason I use the term “war,” is that there is compelling evidence that shooter Holmes was not only acting as part of a team, but had an interesting background in neuroscience research:

Holmes’ background, added to the media response to the incident, as well as renewed calls for gun restriction all suggest the possibility of state-sponsored terrorism as a psychological operation, or psy-op on the public.  More to come as story develops.



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The Complicit Mainstream Media: Johnny Carson, 1967

"King of Late Night," Johnny Carson - photo courtesy of

Carson Defends Government Story of JFK Assassination

In 1967 New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison appeared on The Johnny Carson Show on NBC.  First grilled by NBC attorneys for hours for debate points, Jim took the stage and Johnny treated him as a hostile witness.  The interview was unpleasant enough that NBC was obliged to issue an apology for Carson’s behavior.  The mainstream media, owned and run by private interests, has maintained the absurd story that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of President John F. Kennedy. 

Garrison’s inquiry discovered that Oswald associated with persons with connections to the FBI, CIA and Cuban exiles in New Orleans before moving to Dallas to be placed as a patsy along a suspiciously unorthadox motorcade route.  Here Garrison reveals shocking details of the assassination and its subsequent cover-up to NBC’s audience, while Johnny Carson himself attempts to engage in damage control.  It appears that aiding in the cover-up pays off, since Johnny would later enjoy great success in American media, even earning the title of “King of Late Night”:

CarsonInterview1967: Part1

CarsonInterview1967: Part Two

Garrison would later be vindicated when it was revealed that Claw Shaw, whom he tried unsuccessfully for conspiracy to kill the President, did indeed work for the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Oklahoma City Bombing: Conspiracy and Cover-Up

On April 19, 1995, an explosion, or series of explosions rocked downtown Oklahoma City.  The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, home to numerous government agencies, among them the ATF and FBI, laid in ruins, one-third of the building completely destroyed.  Glass was shattered and cars destroyed in a nearby parking lot.  Local news began covering the scene, reporting that the building had been damaged by a bomb, and that other, unexploded bombs were already being found inside the building:
VIDEO: OKC BOMBING (click link below)
Less than two hours later, United States Army veteran Timothy McVeigh was stopped for traffic violations.  Forensic evidence tied him to the bombing.  Three co-conspirators were charged as well.  The attack resulted in the passage of the Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, and the resurgance of President Bill Clinton’s popularity.  The attack also served to aide the cause of demonization of militia and patriot groups nationwide.  These latter points considered, when combined with witness testimony contradictory to official reports, as well as forensic evidence indicating internal explosions, have prompted many to question the true nature and culprits of the atrocity.
Expert Doubts “Truck-Bomb” as Sole Cause of Damage


Remains of Murrah Building in OKC, 1995. Photo courtesy of


Brigadier Gen. Ben Partin K. , USAF (Ret.) concluded that the goverment’s official story was not true, as evidenced by the level of damage to the building:
Suspicious Death
Sgt. Terrance Yeakey was the first patrolman to arrive on the scence following the bombing.  His friends and family said he saw things that contradicted official accounts, and was investigating leads in the case,  while evading the “feds” he said were following him, when his body was discovered on federal property, less than two miles from his abandoned car, on a country road.  Blood was discovered inside the vehicle in liberal amounts.  His body sufferred multiple lacerations on both arms and his neck, and a gunshot wound from above his temple exited his jaw area.  Offical cause of death ruled a suicide:
(Editor’s note: contrary to the information in the preceding video, No autopsy was performed on Officer Yeakey’s body, which is highly unusual considering the stature of the victim, and the nature of his wounds.)
Latest Developments
In addition, information obtained by lawyer Jesse Trentadue, in pursuit of answers as to why his brother, Kenneth Trentadue was killed while in federal custody, has established the existence of a cover-up engaged in by the Justice Department and the FBI regarding the bombing, as well as the involvement of current Attorney General Eric Holder, then a U.S. Attorney, as revealed by memos released under the Freedom of Information Act:
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