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Having long doubted the official story of 9/11, as do many of it’s own commissioners, I was highly skeptical when the White House recently announced they’d killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan.  And now, as tension builds between our nation and that of Pakistan in the aftermath of this supposed raid, the government is claiming a huge cache of materials proving the validity of the much-denounced War on Terror have been discovered.  How convenient.

We may never know whether the terrorist leader’s body really was deposited into the sea just recently, or if he’s passed on long ago.  One thing is certain: you cannot discount the possibility of a hoax, a psy-op, directed at influencing opinions, and furthering agendas.

The broader agenda of this site is to shed light on the shadowy world of “deep politics,” to borrow a term from author Peter Dale Scott.

So join the discussion.  Or let me join yours.  But let’s no longer accept lies as truth, or call curiosity “treason.”

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  1. Kelly says:

    Well written. Very enlightening and chilling. Keep it coming!

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