Sandy Hook Cover-Up: School Safety Expert Recieves Death Threats Before Hearing

Wolfgang Halbig, National School Safety Consultant (photo courtesy of

Wolfgang Halbig, National School Safety Consultant (photo courtesy of

Wolfgang Halbig Threatened Before FOI Commission Hearing

On April 24, 2015, National School Safety Consultant Wolfgang Halbig was finally able to testify before the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission regarding his numerous attempts to get public records pertaining to Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 26 people were supposedly massacred by Adam Lanza, who subsequently committed suicide, according to the official reports.

Mr. Halbig’s attempts to get answers have been greeted with denials, delays from officials and anonymous death threats.  Halbig was gracious enough to answer his phone late Saturday evening to speak with me about his investigation.

“They said they want to see me ‘gurgle in my own blood,” said Halbig regarding death threats he has received online, which he plans to take to the FBI on Monday.  He said anonymous persons had told him to commit suicide, and that if he didn’t, they would come and do it for him.  The threats came prior to Halbig’s first hearing date of March 31st, which was abruptly postponed until this past Friday.  Halbig has also been told that he had “three days to live,” by unknown persons.  He further told me that he had no intention of committing suicide, nor giving up on his quest to get answers.  “I’m a happy guy,”  he said during our brief and informal phone interview the day after the hearing. Halbig has also been threatened by law enforcement (even though he’s a former State Trooper himself) for asking questions about Sandy Hook:

The Hearing and the Official Cover-Up

The FOI Commission Hearing was a shocking example of denial and obstruction. The hearing saw testimony from Newtown Chief of Police Michael Keyhoe, who looked quite nervous as he denied any communication between a state police helicopter and officers on the ground, despite the state police flight log that states their help was requested for a manhunt in the woods next to Sandy Hook Elementary.  Keyhoe also testified that no tampering of evidence had been committed by officials, despite the fact that dashboard footage from the day of the incident had apparently been altered to censor time-stamp and identification typical of such footage.  A school board official is seen repeatedly looking at his attorney before asking the simplest of questions:

Governor of Connecticut Confronted, Denies Foreknowledge of “Massacre.”

On the day of the incident, Governor Malloy told the press that he had been “spoken to” previously about such a scenario occurring in his state.  Halbig confronted Governor Malloy before his hearing regarding this bizarre statement.  Malloy simply denied ever making such a statement, despite the fact that it is documented in film and media reports:

“I’m not scared.”

Mr. Halbig assured me that he wasn’t about to give up his investigation, no matter how many threats he received, or stone walls he encounters in trying to get some very simple answers from Connecticut and Newtown officials, who have now given questionable testimony under oath.  More is sure to come as this strange story unfolds, and we will be posting updates in the coming days and months.  To find out more about Halbig’s quest for truth, and to support his efforts, go to:






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