Esquire Attacks Jerome Corsi and WND; They Don’t Want You to Read This Book

Writer and investigative journalist Jerome Corsi has been viciously attacked in the wake of the newest “birth certificate” produced by the White House. Corsi has long been viewed as controversial for claiming a plan existed for a “North American Union.” He called for the impeachment of former president George W. Bush. He is the author of “Where’s the Birth Certificate?.” While his critics and critics of the “birthers” in general have celebrated their victory in the wake of the release of this dubious document, many remain unconvinced. There are certainly anomalies in this document. Corsi has stated he knows the identity of one of the people involved in its creation, which he claims will reveal criminal activity by the administration. Are we witnessing a gaping hole in the façade of invulnerability projected by the White House? More to come. But this much is certain: the administration has signed off on this document. Now they’ll have to stick to their story, even if it sinks them to the bottom of the political ocean.
On May 18, published a story with the headline: “Breaking: Jerome Corsi’s Birther Book Pulled from Shelves!” There was only one problem: It was entirely untrue. The book was never pulled. The publisher’s alleged comments quoted in the article were never uttered. An update posted as a footnote later claimed the story was intended as satire, but only after it caused quite a stir on Twitter. Corsi’s publisher is considering legal action.

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