Right-Wing the New “Terrorists?” SPLC and Media Disinfo

Fire-arms demonstrators, Albany, N.Y., on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013. Photo courtesy of:http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/editorials/la-ed-patriot-groups-splc-report-20130308,0,2444361.story?track=rss

The SPLC and the new Terror Threat: Patriots

The media, the government, and its mouthpieces in the non-profit world such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, are hyping the so-called threat of the “right-wing,” “conspiracy theorists,” and “patriots.”  The Oklahoma City Bombing is commonly referred to in order to justify such paranoia, however the government’s finger-prints are all over the event, not to mention the Southern Poverty Law Center itself:


A Google search of the term ” American right wing terrorists,” provided “About 41,600,000 results.”  A search for the term “Islamic terrorism,” provided only “About 26,600,000 results.” Below are some samples:

“Peril from ‘patriots’” -LA Times


“Right-wing extremist terrorism as deadly a threat as al Qaeda?” -CNN


“America’s right-wing terrorists” – Seattle Times


“The other terrorism: Right-wing extremism’s threat to America”

“Right-wing Terrorism is real”


“Does All Terrorism Come From the Right Wing?”


“New Study Highlights Threat From Far Right-Wing Groups in U.S.”


“A New Anti-Terror Front? Yes, the Government Thinks It’s ‘Right-Wing Extremists”


Here’s an Army report that echoes a similar notion:

“Challengers from the Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right”



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