The Sandy Hook Massacre: Intelligence Operation?

Anderson Cooper's Nose Appeared to "Disappear" During Interview with Sandy Hook victim's mother. Photo Courtesy of

“We (British Intelligence) are the good guys.  And one of the reasons why we are the good guys is that we don’t approve of the killing of children.  You’d never get British Intelligence setting up a shooting like the Sandy Hook shooting in the United States, which was set up by the Germans via Mexico…and a bunch of crazy Mexican drug gangsters rolling up to a school and shooting the kiddies….We’d never touch an operation like that.”

-British National Security Lawyer Michael Shrimpton interviewed on January 11, 2013

Although the event has marked a furious gun control debate in the U.S., the details of the Sandy Hook Massacre of December 14, 2013 remain elusive, with contradictory media and law enforcement reports, unexplained reports of other possible shooters fleeing the scene, with one possibly being apprehended and released.

Interview from the Grave

Florida Professor James Tracy has questioned the details of the Massacre, including this screen shot of a Newtown Bee article from that morning, featuring an interview with Sandy Hook Elementary School Principal Dawn Hochsprung.

There is one problem: Principal Dawn Hochsprung was allegedly the first individual to be killed in the Massacre!

Screen-shot of Newtown Bee Article, Photo courtesy of

Professor Tracy’s blog:

Intelligence Op?

In a January 11 interview concerning elite pedophiles and deceased celebrity Jimmy Saville, British National Security Lawyer Michael Shrimpton suggests that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a foreign intelligence operation, utilizing Mexican gang members as shooters.

This startling allegation starts at approximately 9 min 45 seconds into video:

Anderson Cooper and the CIA

CNN’s Anderson Cooper,  son of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, attended Yale University, headquarters of the infamous Skull and Bones secret society, which is the American branch of the infamous and elder secret intelligence agency of the Illuminati, founded in Germany in 1776.

Cooper interned with the Central Intelligence Agency for two summers before pursuing a career in media after college.  His involvement with the case, via his show AC 360 on CNN, has been pronounced.  He has viciously attacked Professor James Tracy as well as anyone who questions the details of the massacre.

Phony Interview?

Cooper has even been accused of being involved in an intelligence operation to promote the official story, perhaps even staging a fake interview with a grieving mother at the funeral of her child, when his face partially disappears, suggesting a fake backdrop or “blue-screen:”


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