Gun Control: Disarming the Public

Advocates Seek to Capitalize on Recent Mass Murders

Anti-2nd Amendment "Knotted Gun" sculpture outside United Nations Headquarters in New York. Photo courtesy of .

The recent atrocity at Sandy Hook (while still not fully explained and with contradictory reports of other shooters) has been seized upon by elitist gun control advocates as an opportunity to promote the disarming of the American public, and to attack gun owners and the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

However, the facts do not suggest that gun control makes a safer society.  Quite the opposite is true:

This from the CATO Institute:

Government Purchases Massive Supplies of Ammunition

This author wonders why, with all the current perils facing society and humanity, that certain special interest and media groups like MoveOn.Org are foaming at the mouth over gun control as economic catastrophe and the threat of world war loom.  Perhaps there is an agenda of provocation.  But history certainly shows how infamous tyrants valued and enforced disarmament of the public, as governments armed themselves to unprecedented levels.  See recent large purchases of ammunition by US govt:

Problems with the Official Story…Again (VIDEO)

Once again, as happens so often when the politics of violence are discussed, there are problems with the official narrative of the Sandy Hook shooting.  Police reports and eyewitness testimony suggest other suspects, with one atually seen in cuffs, detained in the wooded area adjacent to the school.  Who was this man and what happened to him?



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