Colorado Shooting: The Martyrs

Six-year-old Veronica Moser Sullivan, killed in recent Colorado Shooting. Photo courtesy of

Following is a link to the stories of the people murdered in the recent mass killing dubbed the “Colorado Shooting.”  This author is referring to those killed as “martyrs” rather than the diminutive “victim.”  Rather than add to the victimization of society encouraged by such semantics, I will choose a more appropriate term.  Indeed, many of those killed died most honorably, shielding loved ones from bulletts and saving their lives.  Other martyrs were inspirations to others, or beloved family members.  This author wishes to honor these individuals as casualties in the war against inhumanity:

Another reason I use the term “war,” is that there is compelling evidence that shooter Holmes was not only acting as part of a team, but had an interesting background in neuroscience research:

Holmes’ background, added to the media response to the incident, as well as renewed calls for gun restriction all suggest the possibility of state-sponsored terrorism as a psychological operation, or psy-op on the public.  More to come as story develops.



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