The Complicit Mainstream Media: Johnny Carson, 1967

"King of Late Night," Johnny Carson - photo courtesy of

Carson Defends Government Story of JFK Assassination

In 1967 New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison appeared on The Johnny Carson Show on NBC.  First grilled by NBC attorneys for hours for debate points, Jim took the stage and Johnny treated him as a hostile witness.  The interview was unpleasant enough that NBC was obliged to issue an apology for Carson’s behavior.  The mainstream media, owned and run by private interests, has maintained the absurd story that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of President John F. Kennedy. 

Garrison’s inquiry discovered that Oswald associated with persons with connections to the FBI, CIA and Cuban exiles in New Orleans before moving to Dallas to be placed as a patsy along a suspiciously unorthadox motorcade route.  Here Garrison reveals shocking details of the assassination and its subsequent cover-up to NBC’s audience, while Johnny Carson himself attempts to engage in damage control.  It appears that aiding in the cover-up pays off, since Johnny would later enjoy great success in American media, even earning the title of “King of Late Night”:

CarsonInterview1967: Part1

CarsonInterview1967: Part Two

Garrison would later be vindicated when it was revealed that Claw Shaw, whom he tried unsuccessfully for conspiracy to kill the President, did indeed work for the Central Intelligence Agency.

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