Oklahoma City Bombing: Conspiracy and Cover-Up

On April 19, 1995, an explosion, or series of explosions rocked downtown Oklahoma City.  The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, home to numerous government agencies, among them the ATF and FBI, laid in ruins, one-third of the building completely destroyed.  Glass was shattered and cars destroyed in a nearby parking lot.  Local news began covering the scene, reporting that the building had been damaged by a bomb, and that other, unexploded bombs were already being found inside the building:
VIDEO: OKC BOMBING (click link below)
Less than two hours later, United States Army veteran Timothy McVeigh was stopped for traffic violations.  Forensic evidence tied him to the bombing.  Three co-conspirators were charged as well.  The attack resulted in the passage of the Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, and the resurgance of President Bill Clinton’s popularity.  The attack also served to aide the cause of demonization of militia and patriot groups nationwide.  These latter points considered, when combined with witness testimony contradictory to official reports, as well as forensic evidence indicating internal explosions, have prompted many to question the true nature and culprits of the atrocity.
Expert Doubts “Truck-Bomb” as Sole Cause of Damage


Remains of Murrah Building in OKC, 1995. Photo courtesy of http://theniteranter.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/murrah_building_OKcity.gif


Brigadier Gen. Ben Partin K. , USAF (Ret.) concluded that the goverment’s official story was not true, as evidenced by the level of damage to the building:
Suspicious Death
Sgt. Terrance Yeakey was the first patrolman to arrive on the scence following the bombing.  His friends and family said he saw things that contradicted official accounts, and was investigating leads in the case,  while evading the “feds” he said were following him, when his body was discovered on federal property, less than two miles from his abandoned car, on a country road.  Blood was discovered inside the vehicle in liberal amounts.  His body sufferred multiple lacerations on both arms and his neck, and a gunshot wound from above his temple exited his jaw area.  Offical cause of death ruled a suicide:
(Editor’s note: contrary to the information in the preceding video, No autopsy was performed on Officer Yeakey’s body, which is highly unusual considering the stature of the victim, and the nature of his wounds.)
Latest Developments
In addition, information obtained by lawyer Jesse Trentadue, in pursuit of answers as to why his brother, Kenneth Trentadue was killed while in federal custody, has established the existence of a cover-up engaged in by the Justice Department and the FBI regarding the bombing, as well as the involvement of current Attorney General Eric Holder, then a U.S. Attorney, as revealed by memos released under the Freedom of Information Act:
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