Allegedly Assassinated “Terror Target,” Awlaki Was Former Guest at the Pentagon

New Mexico-born Anwar Al-Awlaki, terrorist associate, attended a "private luncheon" at the Pentagon after 9/11. Photo courtesy of

Anwar Al-Awlaki’s name appears in the pages of the widely criticized 911 Commission Report, but that didn’t stop him from being scrubbed from the guest list for a private lunch at America’s military headquarters:

Awlaki was allegedly killed Friday, September 30th by a U.S. drone in Yemen.  On the heels of the alleged elimination of Usama bin Laden, in which his body was allegedly buried at sea, and the catastrophic and unusual deaths of many in Navy Seal “Team Six,” one must wonder if this is yet another act in the violent work of fiction called the War On Terror:

 One possible motive for this report might be to improve the reputation of the growingly infamous Drone aircraft, which are piloted remotely, and have left behind a gruesome trail of carnage in Pakistan and elsewhere:

Subsequent to this private Pentagon meeting, Awlaki would be in communication with several high-profile terrorists and wouldbe terrorists:

So the question remains: Why did known terrorist associate Al-Awlaki really meet in secret at the Pentagon after 9/11?

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