Profiles in Megalomania: Bill Gates


Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire Bill Gates talks vaccines. Photo courtesy of

Born into an upper-middle-class family to a prominent lawyer and a mother who served on the board of IBM, William Henry “Bill” Gates III showed a competitive spirit early on, and later a keen interest in computers.  Through talent, family connections, helpful alliances and agressive (as well as often questionable) business tactics, he would become one of the world’s wealthiest people, who has turned that wealth into influence over populations via foundations, in the tradition of the powerful Rockefeller family.

His “philanthropic” endeavors are much applauded.  However, a closer look at the man, his words, and connections, reveal an individual who has studied business titans before him, and how they exploited so-called “philanthropy,” to exert control over human affairs.


Gates’ father, who formerly served on the Board of Planned Parenthood,  has represented the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at Rockefeller University in Manhattan, to discuss “global access to innovations to health,” namely: vaccines.  Rockefeller University is a private university devoted solely to “biomedical research.”  It is interesting to note that Nazi ideas about race hygene and eugenics were imported from American eugenicists like the Rockefellers:

Population Control and Global Warming

Gates often speaks at such forums as the TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) Conference to discuss the “problem” of overpopulation, and the lowering of carbon dioxide levels in the Earth’s atmosphere.  Carbon dioxide is absorbed by plants, algae, and cyanobacteria to produce carbohydrate energy for them and oxygen as a waste product.  Although it is an essential chemical compound to the survival of living organisms, advocates such as Gates and former Vice President Al Gore assert its presence in the atmosphere as hazardous, and responsible for warming the planet:

Studies of ice-core samples from Earth’s arctic regions suggest, however that warming has historically come before the carbon-level increase.  The true driver of planetary temperature is the sun:

Vaccinating the World

Gates and his wife are also enthusiastic proponents of vaccination, in particular ensuring that third-world populations receive them.  Here, Gates is placed on the defensive when questioned about vaccine safety and parental concerns:

Though Gates accuses vaccine critic Andrew Wakefield of fraud, many parents support Wakefield (now relocated to Austin, Texas),  and continue to question vaccine safety:

In addition, documents obtained seem to have vindicated Wakefield:

Bizarre Antics at TED Conference

In a bid to promote a vaccine for malaria, Gates released a jar of mosquitos at a Technology, Entertainment, and Design conference in 2009, telling an alarmed audience that the winged insects were carrying the deadly disease.  Gates then waited for about a minute before assuring them the insects were malaria-free:,2933,488348,00.html

More Information and Resources:

“Gates also holds several honorary doctorates from universities throughout the world and an honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II. In 2006, Gates and his wife were awarded the Order of the Aztec Eagle by the Mexican government for their philanthropic work throughout the world in the areas of health and education.”

“The much newer Gates Foundation is dedicated to improving global access to innovations in health and learning. Bill Gates Sr. spoke in particular of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization. GAVI is a collaboration among governments, groups like UNICEF, WHO and the World Bank, the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association and foundations like the Rockefeller and Gates foundations. Its aim is to raise money internationally for life-saving vaccines, then buy those vaccines and deliver them to children in the 74 poorest countries.”(my emphasis added)

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