Operation “Fast and Furious” Scandal Developments

Witnesses testify on operation "Fast and Furious." Photo courtesy of http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/2011/0726/How-Mexican-killers-got-US-guns-from-Fast-and-Furious-operation

 Scandal May Implicate Justice Department, White House

ATF Head Kenneth Melson is being reassigned as a result of the growing scandal involving the federal government’s “gun-trafficking operation,” Fast and Furious. 

“Authorities had hoped they would be able to follow the guns to cartel leaders, but ATF agents did not track the weapons after they were transferred from the initial buyer to others who smuggled them across the border. Some agents have testified that they were not allowed to continue the pursuit.” -Reuters

Indeed.  But the controversy does not end there.  The weapons that were distributed under this operation have found their way to crime scenes involving dead law enforcement personel and civilians on both sides of the border.  Here are only two examples:



Melson Previously Blew Whistle

While Melson is quietly stepping aside today, back in July it was reported that he’d gone before two congressional oversight committees and told them that “senior Justice Department officials tried to limit his communications with Congress about an investigation into a controversial ATF program known as ‘Fast and Furious’.”  -ABC News


Is the Justice Department actively engaged in a cover-up of an operation that knowingly put weapons in the hands of dangerous drug cartels?  Eric Holder, it should be noted, also served in the Clinton/Reno Justice Department, and has been implicated in the cover-up of Kenneth Michael Trentadue’s torture and murder at the hands of the FBI.


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