The Mysterious Death of Nancy Schaefer

The bodies of former Sen. Schaefer and her husband were found in their home on March 26 2010. Photo courtesy of:

CPS Critic and Former Senator Found Dead with Husband: Was it Really a Murder-Suicide? 

Nancy Shaefer was president of the conservative interest group, Eagle Forum, at the time of her death.  Previously she’d served as a Georgia State Senator from 2004-20008.  Schaefer was an outspoken critic of Child Protective Services, organized pedophilia, and official corruption:

VIDEO: The Late Nancy Schaefer on CPS

The Schaefers had been married for 52 years, were the parents of 5 children and 13 grandchildren.  Dan Gonzalez, chairman of the Florida Constitutional Party, has claimed that Mrs. Schaefer was working with documentary filmmakers to expose high-level pedophile activity during her final days, taking maximum precautions for her personal safety and using untraceable phones.  In addition, she appeared on the Alex Jones Show less than ten months before her demise, to discuss revelations and her own personal committment to fighting CPS corruption:


Although officials soon ruled the scene a “murder-suicide,” many questions remain.  Assertions that Bruce Schaefer had cancer remain unconfirmed and were denied by the family.  Allegations of financial problems replaced the initial claim of cancer, but have never been substantiated.  Though a suicide letter was allegedly found, its authorship has never been firmly established. 

The rapidly advanced official announcement of murder-suicide is also suspect.  Bruce reportedly shot himself in the chest; an unusual method for typical suicide.   The weapon used to commit the killings was first thought to be familiar to the family, but has now been determined to be another gun. 

Autopsies failed to confirm terminal cancer in Bruce Schaefer, removing previously advanced theories for motives of murder and suicide. Mrs. Schaefer produced a report on what she’d learned about CPS criminality before her violent death:

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