Norway Terrorist Link to Secret Societies and Masonic Scandals from History

  Anders Breivik, The Anti-Masonic Party, and the P2 Masonic Lodge Scandal of Italy

Anders Breivik in Masonic Regalia. Photo courtesy of

Photo depicting the abduction of former Mason William Morgan, who subsequently disappeared, igniting a firestorm of controversy and the formation of the Anti-Masonic Party. Photo courtesy of

  “Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled …” 
Albert Pike, Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, writing in his famous work, Morals and Dogma pp. 104-105

As I drive through almost any small town in Texas, I often look for a building with few or no windows, adorned with cryptic symbols, among them the characteristic square and compass.  You will see this symbol displayed on the vehicles of members or their families, and on the “cornerstones” of university administration buildings, or elementary schools, or the lodges themselves. 

Square, Compass and Mysterious "G", familar symbol of Freemasonry. Photo courtesy of

Statue of Albert Pike, Masonic Grand Commander of the Supreme Council. Pike is the only Confederate military officer to be honored with a statue in Washinton D.C. Photo courtesy of,_Washington_(558221844).jpg

 What many people do not consider is Freemasonry’s shadowy past,  as well as it’s political power and alleged role in some of history’s most shocking scandals. 


The history of Freemasonry is rather cloudy until the formation of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717.  Subsequent to that, the society formed lodges worldwide.  Indeed, as this author pointed out, there is seldom a tiny rural town that does not feature a humble if sturdy lodge or “temple.”  Indeed these meeting places are often located downtown, or in the center of town, easily located by traveling members.  Historical membership boasts the likes of George Washington and Thomas Paine.  As a matter of fact, the very architecture of Washington D.C.’s streets and famous monuments, including the nation’s capitol building suggest heavy-handed if not domineering Masonic symbolism and design:

The Anti-Masonic Party

What is not taught in many of today’s history books is America’s turbulent past with the secret society.  The disappearance and suspected murder of William Morgan, a former member who’d threatened to expose Masonic secrets spurred the creation of the Anti-Masonic Party, America’s “original third party”:

Artist's depiction of the abduction of former Mason William Morgan, who subsequently disappeared, igniting a firstorm of controversy and the formation of the Anti-Masonic Party. Photo courtesy of

P2 Masonic Lodge Scandal of Italy 

The reputation of the Masons was again challenged during the infamous P2 (or Propaganda Due) Masonic Lodge scandal of the early eighties.  This lodge operated illegally in Italy and it’s high-profile members were suspected of involvement in various criminal activities including the financing of terrorism, plotting against the Italian government and its constitution, as well as the murders of journalist Mino Pecorelli and Vatican banker Roberto Calvi.  Perhaps most disturbing, the Venerable Master of P2, Licio Gelli, was found in possession of a document called “Plan for a Democratic Rebirth,” which called, in short, for an overthrow of the Italian government.  The P2 Lodge was often referred to as a “shadow government” or “state within a state” after it’s discovery:


Here a British documentary filmmaker investigates the bizarre death of “God’s Banker,” Roberto Calvi, member of P2 and Vatican banker. Below are episodes 3-5 (the ones I found the most interesting) but the rest are viewable on youtube as well: Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Was Breivik Being Handled?

So, as it can be shown that secret societies and political power and intrigue are no strangers, it is interesting to note the affiliation with terrorist Anders Breivik.  P2 was allegedly involved with financing terrorism in Italy under Operation Gladio.  Breivik has stated that there are other “cells” ready to attack elsewhere in the world.  Although his word is certainly not to be believed by this author at this point, all possibilities must be analyzed.  Associations with people and the organizations through which they network are important in any criminal investigation.  Should the world instantly reject the idea that Breivik was acting under the instructions or coercion of more powerful groups or individuals?  I believe to do so would be to our peril, both in Europe and the U.S. 

I also believe the people of the world should take notice of how this event and Breivik’s supposed background are being used to bolster the fledgling “war on terror” as “white Christian conservatives” are being labeled as dangerous just as Muslims were demonized after 9/11.  Is a complex game of “divide and conquer” being played on populations by financial and social predatory elites?  Some historians would say that is the norm.  Here is a previous post with links to articles attempting to tie Breivik to conservative groups in Europe and the U.S:

Why the Secrecy?

Masonic Supreme Commander Albert Pike indicated a distinct inner circle within Masonry, as well as other prominent members like writer Manly Hall,  who stated that:

” Freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity — an outer organization concealing an inner brotherhood of the elect … it is necessary to establish the existence of these two separate and yet interdependent orders, the one visible and the other invisible. The visible society is a splendid camaraderie of ‘free and accepted’ men enjoined to devote themselves to ethical, educational, fraternal, patriotic, and humanitarian concerns. The invisible society is a secret and most August [defined as 'of majestic dignity, grandeur'] fraternity whose members are dedicated to the service of a mysterious arcannum arcandrum [defined as 'a secret, a mystery'].” [Hall, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, p. 433]

Clash of Civilizations?

This latest terror rampage threatens to divide an already balkanized public and spark more violence amidst economic collapse and demographic tensions. And questions as to whether Breivik worked alone and why the police knew his name upon his arrest, persist.

Are secret societies and intelligence agencies playing chess with their underlings and civilian populations? More to come as the story develops.

Distrust of Secret Societies Persists

John F. Kennedy acknowledged the American public’s distaste for secret societies in 1961, in this cryptic speech to the Newpaper Publisher’s Association. Perhaps populations today should consider these words:

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