CFR Propaganda Targets American “Right Wing” in Wake of Norway Violence


OKC Patsy Timothy McVeigh. Photo courtesy of


Right on cue, the Council on Foreign Relations pushes propaganda that the “right-wing” will strike in the U.S.

In this article linked at, Peter Beinart compares Norwegian terrorist Breivik to Timothy McVeigh, and warns of “anti-immigration” (or more correctly, anti-illegal-immigration) elements in the U.S:

 There’s just one problem, Timothy McVeigh did not act alone.  Multiple aspects of the Oklahoma City Bombing point to an “inside job” or “false flag” government-sponsored attack that is meant to effect political change and assault gun rights and individual liberty.  Here’s some OKC local news coverage the CFR and Beinart don’t want you to see:

Is this blatant political propaganda and disinformation yet more evidence that there is more to Norway than meets the eye?  Were Norway, it’s citizens, and it’s prime minister the target of a covert intelligence operation?  Can we expect more “false-flag” terror to come in Europe or the U.S. in order to demonize nationalists, patriots, and the middle class?  As the economy collapses and public frustration with the system grows, perhaps the controllers of the system will unleash terrorism in order to exert control and institute police-state measures.

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