Norway Terror Attacks False Flag?


Anders Behring Breivik. Photo courtesy of


Christians and Conservatives, “Right Wingers” Demonized by Tragedy.  Police Conducted Anti-Terror Drill Two Days Before Attacks. What is Really Going On?

In the wake of the catastrophic bombing and mass shooting, it is important to consider the context of the tragedy, as well as the political implications of terrorism and the discrepencies between the media accounts, official story, and the facts. 

Norway’s lack of enthusiasm regarding the assault on Libya has been no secret, and their complete withdraw from the NATO operation was planned by August (  Also of importance, Norwegian Foreign Minister indicated support for official Palestinian statehood the day before the attacks:(  Could these two developments have made Norway the target of false flag, intelligence operations in the tradition of Operation Gladio in Italy starting in the late 1950′s?  More on Operation Gladio here:

Even more disturbing is the fact that Norwegian ant-terror police were conducting terror drills in the same area approximately 48 hours before the real attacks:

This attack could be designed to increase political, racial, and religious tension.  It came on the day after a Department of Homeland Security video was released, portraying “white Al Qaeda”-type terrorists.  Are globablist manipulators attempting to divide and conquer the population, in a cynical “clash of civilizations” maneuver?

Here Alex Jones goes over the strange and horrific developing story:

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