Censored Documentary Detailed Elite Pedophile, Drug Network

Actual Headline from 1989 Washington Times. Photo courtesy of http://www.skewsme.com/img/conspiracy_of_silence_washington_times.jpg

“A homosexual prostitution ring is under investigation by federal and District authorities and includes among its clients key officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations, military officers, congressional aides and US and foreign businessmen with close social ties to Washington’s political elite.”

-Washington Times, June 29, 1989

This documentary was produced for the Discovery Channel by Yorkshire Television, announced in the TV Guide, but never aired.  Watch it and you’ll understand why:

VIDEO: Conspiracy of Silence:


(This is the best quality version I am aware of, and is a dramatic improvement over previous ones)


BBC Star Jimmy Saville: Allegations of Satanic Cermonies as Backdrop for Sex Abuse:


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