Trump and Clinton: Connections, Corruption, and Pedophilia

The future president and guests Bill and Hillary Clinton at his wedding with new wife Melania. Image courtesy of

The future president and guests Bill and Hillary Clinton at his wedding with new wife Melania. Image courtesy of

“Hillary Clinton I think is a terrific woman…I am biased because I have known her for years. I live in New York. She lives in New York. I really like her and her husband both a lot. I think she really works hard. And I think, again, she’s given an agenda, it is not all of her, but I think she really works hard and I think she does a good job. I like her.”

-Donald Trump, 2012

Old Friends and Timely Phone Calls

 Melania Knauss, now Trump's wife, Clinton, Trump, and swimsuit model Kylie Tax. Photo courtesy of

Melania Knauss, now Trump’s wife, Clinton, Trump, and swimsuit model Kylie Bax. Photo courtesy of

Before Trump announced his campaign, he received a phone call from a prominent candidate’s husband, and longtime friend: Bill Clinton.

“Former president Bill Clinton had a private telephone conversation in late spring with Donald Trump at the same time that the billionaire investor and reality-television star was nearing a decision to run for the White House, according to associates of both men.

Four Trump allies and one Clinton associate familiar with the exchange said that Clinton encouraged Trump’s efforts to play a larger role in the Republican Party and offered his own views of the political landscape.

Clinton’s personal office in New York confirmed that the call occurred in late May, but an aide to Clinton said the 2016 race was never specifically discussed and that it was only a casual chat.

The talk with Clinton — the spouse of the Democratic presidential front-runner and one of his party’s preeminent political strategists — came just weeks before Trump jumped into the GOP race and surged to the front of the crowded Republican field.

The revelation of the call comes as many Republicans have begun criticizing Trump for his ties to Democrats, including past financial donations to the Clintons and their charitable foundation.”

Power, Priviledge, and Pedophilia

Billionaire and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein an an unknown companion. Photo courtesy of

Billionaire and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein an an unknown companion. Photo courtesy of

“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy.  He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

-Donald Trump on Jeffrey Epstein, hedge-fund manager and later a convicted pedophile and registered sex offender.

Trump and Bill Clinton are connected to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.  Trump and Epstein have been accused of sexual abuse of minors in lawsuits, repeatedly filed, then dropped, reportedly after the accusers received threats. These accusations and lawsuits have largely gone unreported by the mainstream media, though it is often accused of unfairly targeting the president.

Other guests of Epstein’s that have been accused of sexual misconduct and abuse of minors include actor Kevin Spacey, Prince Andrew, and attorney and author Alan Dershowitz.

 The Non-Prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein

Once prosecutor in the Epstein Case, Trump nominated Alexander Acosta for Secretary of State. He was confirmed. Photo courtesy of

Once prosecutor in the Epstein Case, Trump nominated Alexander Acosta for Secretary of Labor. He was confirmed. Photo courtesy of

As prosecutor in the Epstein case, Alexander Acosta signed a “non-prosecution agreement” — initially kept secret from Epstein’s victims — with Epstein’s elite legal team in September 2007. The deal also immunized several of his co-conspirators from federal prosecution, a rare bonus.”

Read more here:

Trump nominated Acosta to be Secretary of Labor. He was confirmed by the Senate last year.

The Blackmail Business

“In a 2006 court filing, Palm Beach police noted that a search of Epstein’s home uncovered two hidden cameras. The Mirror reported that in 2015, a 6-year-old civil lawsuit filed by “Jane Doe No. 3,” believed to be the now-married Giuffre, alleged that Epstein wired his mansion with hidden cameras, secretly recording orgies involving his prominent friends and underage girls. The ultimate purpose: blackmail, according to court papers.

“Jane Doe No. 3” also alleged that she had been forced to have sex with “numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders.”

Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell. Photo courtesy of;read=62579

Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell. Photo courtesy of;read=62579

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s former girlfriend has been named as a recruiter of Epstein’s victims, as well as an abuser herself.  Maxwell is the daughter of media proprietor, member of Parliament, longtime supporter of Israel and alleged Israeli Mossad agent Robert Maxwell, who died under mysterious circumstances. His body was found floating after he allegedly fell off his yacht in 1991.

A woman named Virginia Roberts (now married with the last name Giuffre) filed a lawsuit against Maxwell, stating that Maxwell acted as a ‘pimp’ for Epstein, and forced Roberts to have sex with her and other underage girls, as well as rich and powerful men, such as Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz. Roberts was recruited by Maxwell while working at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida.

“Court documents filed in 2014 in Palm Beach, Florida, revealed that after Maxwell was asked to attend a deposition by Roberts’s lawyers she claimed her mother was on her death bed and had to leave the US with no plans to return.

Within weeks she was spotted at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in New York.”

Maxwell at Chelsea Clinton's wedding. Photo courtesy of

Maxwell at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Photo courtesy of

Maxwell and Roberts settled the suit out of court in 2017.

Ghislaine Maxwell and media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who became acting CEO of Fox News  in 2016 after the disgraced Roger Ailes stepped down.

Ghislaine Maxwell and media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who became acting CEO of Fox News in 2016 after the disgraced Roger Ailes stepped down.

Read more:

Clinton State Department Pedophilia Scandal

“The Washington Examiner reported Tuesday that the State Department Inspector General’s office removed portions of a 2013 report that would have reflected poorly on then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The omitted details, which were brought to light by whistleblower in the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, concerned the efforts of Clinton’s security team to cover up alleged misconduct, including sexual abuse and pedophilia, by State Department staff.”

The Illusion of Choice and Politics As Usual

Trump’s past statements regarding his interactions with women, his praise of and longtime friendships with Clinton and Epstein, as well as his nomination of Alexander Acosta for Secretary of Labor cast doubt on his campaign promise of “draining the swamp” of Washington D.C. corruption.

In summary, it should be noted that both candidates in the 2016 presidential elections are connected to a convicted sex offender billionaire and his girlfriend, the daughter of an alleged Israeli Mossad agent and disgraced media proprietor, who have been accused by multiple persons of sexually abusing children and blackmailing their powerful friends.

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JFK Assassination: A Funeral Home Director’s Story

Abilene, Texas, December 23, 2017



    Joseph F. Garvey is the last surviving former employee of Oneal Funeral Home, one of two major contractors for the Dallas area in 1963, which provided transport for the bodies of both President Kennedy and later his mortally wounded accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Garvey’s job was Funeral Home Director.

O'Neal Funeral Home provided transport for the bodies of President Kennedy and LeeHarvey Oswald, both killed by gunshot within two days. Photo courtesy of Associated Press.

Oneal Funeral Home provided transport for the bodies of President Kennedy and LeeHarvey Oswald, both killed by gunshot within two days. Photo courtesy of Associated Press.

     Mr. Garvey wants his descendants to know the role he and his employer played in the historic and tragic events of November, 1963, as well as dispute false statements given to the press by a coworker.

     Garvey and others watched President Kennedy’s motorcade pass just blocks away from Oneal Funeral Home that fateful morning on November 22, 1963.  They then “went about their business.”

Tragedy Strikes

        He and a coworker had just completed an ambulance service call at Parkland Hospital in Dallas not long after, and were getting ready to go on another call when he “looked up and saw the presidential automobile turn in front of me” on its way to the hospital.  Garvey then called into his dispatcher and commented that someone “was either very sick or had been shot.”

Soon after, his funeral home received a call from Parkland asking for a casket to be delivered.  The funeral home’s owner, Vernon Oneal and a porter commenced to take the finest casket they had available to the hospital; one made of solid bronze. Once they’d delivered the casket to the Trauma Room, the president’s body was wrapped in a sheet and placed inside.

     There was an infamous dispute in the corridors of Parkland Hospital between Secret Service agents and Kennedy’s aides, who wanted to take the President’s body with them to Washington D.C., and medical examiner Dr. Earl Rose and justice of the peace Theron Ward, who argued that since assassinating the president was not a federal crime at the time, it fell under local jurisdiction and the removal of his body was illegal.  Secret Service agents and Kennedy’s aides cursed the pair and forced their way past them, all in the presence of Jackie Kennedy, who continued to guide the bronze casket down the hallway.

Kennedy's body was taken to Love Field over the objections of officials at  Parkland Hospital. Photo courtesy of

Kennedy’s body was taken to Love Field over the objections of officials at
Parkland Hospital. Photo courtesy of

     Once Kennedy’s body was placed in the casket and loaded into Oneal’s funeral coach, the Secret Service commandeered the vehicle, leaving Mr. Oneal afoot at Parkland Hospital.  Kennedy’s body and Jackie were then driven by the Secret Service to the airport to be loaded onto AirForce One to be taken to Washington D.C.  It would take hours for Oneal to locate his hearse at Love Field, reportedly having been left in an obscure hangar.

     Two days later, on November 24, Former U.S. Marine and supposed Soviet defector, Lee Harvey Oswald, who’d been arrested and accused of assassinating Kennedy, was shot in the basement of the Dallas Municipal Building by local nightclub owner and police/mafia associate Jack Ruby during Oswald’s transfer from the Dallas City Jail to the County Jail.

(Ruby had told FBI informant Bob Vanderslice to “watch the fireworks,” a short time before Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, indicating he may have had advanced knowledge of the president’s murder later that day.)

Witnessing Oswald’s shooting on live TV, Garvey immediately told his employees to drive an ambulance to the scene before they even received a call for service.  The armored vehicle intended to transport Oswald had to be moved so that Oneal’s ambulance could be backed in to recover Oswald’s fatally wounded body.  The ambulance took Oswald to Parkland Hospital, where he died soon after.

Oswald is loaded into O'Neal's ambulance. Photo courtesy of

Oswald is loaded into Oneal’s ambulance. Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Setting the Record Straight

     Garvey disputes details related by a coworker, Donald McElroy to a Tyler, Texas newspaper in 2007, when he apparently was trying to sell copies of Kennedy’s death certificate.  McElroy has stated he witnessed “confusion, screaming and crying,” as well as First Lady Jackie Kennedy’s “shocked, calm demeanor” at Parkland Hospital in the aftermath of Kennedy’s shooting.  Garvey says he knows McElroy’s statements were untrue, because the two men were together in an ambulance at the time.

Garvey also states that McElroy’s claim that he helped place Kennedy’s body in the casket at Parkland Hospital, and his claim that he helped “position the casket” so that Mrs. Kennedy could sit near her husband, were false, again because McElroy was nowhere near the scene, and was with Garvey on another service call.

Garvey still has a copy he made of Kennedy's death certificate. Notice the inaccurate listing of the White House address as "600 Pennsylvania Ave."

Garvey still has a copy he made of Kennedy’s death certificate. Notice the inaccurate listing of the White House address as “600 Pennsylvania Ave.”

It was my pleasure to meet Joseph Garvey and take down his story, which he wishes to pass down to his daughter, Camie Garvey, who owns and operates Abilene Yoga House, and his grandchildren.

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The RFK Assassination: Forensics, Lies, and Bow Ties

Kennedy lies next to the bow tie of Thane Eugene Cesar, which he pulled from the Security Guard's uniform before collapsing.

Kennedy lies next to the bow tie of Thane Eugene Cesar, which he pulled from the Security Guard’s uniform before collapsing.

June 5, 1968, Los Angeles, California

Robert F. Kennedy had just won the California and South Dakota primary elections for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States when he was shot multiple times as he was being escorted through the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel after delivering a victory speech.  He died about 26 hours later.  His assassination came about five years after that of his older brother, President John F. Kennedy, in Dallas in 1963.

The Patsy

Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian/Jordanian immigrant, was convicted of the assassination and is still serving a life sentence.  But although the disturbed 24 year old was certainly firing a gun in Kennedy’s general direction, his gun held only 8 bullets.  And Kennedy’s fatal shots came from behind him.  Witnesses and forensic scientists agree: there was a second shooter.  And RFK wasn’t killed by Sirhan Sirhan.

In 2008, during the annual symposium hosted by the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science, experts from all over the world joined to discuss conspiracies and solving complex crimes.  There forensic scientists familiar with the assassination presented clear evidence that the official story of RFK’s murder is untrue and that an innocent man was convicted.

The Evidence and the Witnesses

An audio recording taken at the time of the shootings, witnesses to the event, and Kennedy’s wounds suggest that at least two people were firing in that kitchen shortly after midnight.  Since Sirhan Sirhan was apprehended with the gun still smoking in his hand, he can be established as the first shooter, but was only able to fire two shots before he was partially restrained, able to fire more shots but not aimed directly at RFK.  Witnesses reported shots being fired very close to Kennedy, from a second source.  This would explain why at least 13 shots were fired when Sirhan’s weapon only held eight bullets.

One witness, Nina Rhodes-Hughes told CNN in 2012 that Sirhan was not the only gunman firing shots and was willing to testify for Sirhan’s newest defense team during the legal challenge to his 1969 conviction.  She also said that authorities had altered her account of the crime.

“The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress”

Witnesses reported that a woman wearing a dress (mostly described as having polka-dots, perhaps black and white) was seen with Sirhan before the shooting.  Multiple witnesses noticed this woman who seemed “expressionless” and “out of place,” at the event, where most in attendance were celebrating Kennedy’s latest political victory on the road to the White House.  One witness said he heard this woman say “we shot him,” as she ran from the pantry.  Sirhan Sirhan pled insanity at his trial and confessed to killing Kennedy, while he maintained he remembered nothing that transpired at the time the shots were fired.  But he recanted his confession after the trial.  Was this woman Sirhan’s “handler,” involved in brainwashing Sirhan in a Manchurian Candidate operation?  Sirhan has stated repeatedly that he was a victim of mind control, something the CIA had invested in and experimented in heavily during Project MKUltra in the 1950′s and 60′s.  These grisly experiments involved human subjects.

The Bow Tie and the Security Guard

Lying close to Kennedy’s wounded body in a photograph taken just after the shooting is a bow-tie.  The tie belonged to Thane Eugene Cesar, the security guard escorting Kennedy through the kitchen, behind him and holding his right arm.  Cesar was a critic of the Kennedy brothers, with a shadowy background, and had owned a .22 caliber handgun.  He told officials he’d sold the gun before the murder, but a later investigation revealed that Cesar did not sell the weapon until three months after the assassination.  One witness, a television producer said he saw Cesar with his gun drawn during the shooting and later pointing it toward the floor after the shooting had stopped.  Another witness, a “runner” for a local TV station actually said he saw Cesar firing his weapon.

Is it coincidence that so many witnesses and forensics experts refute the official stories of the assassinations of two powerful political figures from the same family?  The major news media maintains accounts that seem to be in contradiction to the evidence to this day.





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Sandy Hook Cover-Up: School Safety Expert Recieves Death Threats Before Hearing

Wolfgang Halbig, National School Safety Consultant (photo courtesy of

Wolfgang Halbig, National School Safety Consultant (photo courtesy of

Wolfgang Halbig Threatened Before FOI Commission Hearing

On April 24, 2015, National School Safety Consultant Wolfgang Halbig was finally able to testify before the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission regarding his numerous attempts to get public records pertaining to Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 26 people were supposedly massacred by Adam Lanza, who subsequently committed suicide, according to the official reports.

Mr. Halbig’s attempts to get answers have been greeted with denials, delays from officials and anonymous death threats.  Halbig was gracious enough to answer his phone late Saturday evening to speak with me about his investigation.

“They said they want to see me ‘gurgle in my own blood,” said Halbig regarding death threats he has received online, which he plans to take to the FBI on Monday.  He said anonymous persons had told him to commit suicide, and that if he didn’t, they would come and do it for him.  The threats came prior to Halbig’s first hearing date of March 31st, which was abruptly postponed until this past Friday.  Halbig has also been told that he had “three days to live,” by unknown persons.  He further told me that he had no intention of committing suicide, nor giving up on his quest to get answers.  “I’m a happy guy,”  he said during our brief and informal phone interview the day after the hearing. Halbig has also been threatened by law enforcement (even though he’s a former State Trooper himself) for asking questions about Sandy Hook:

The Hearing and the Official Cover-Up

The FOI Commission Hearing was a shocking example of denial and obstruction. The hearing saw testimony from Newtown Chief of Police Michael Keyhoe, who looked quite nervous as he denied any communication between a state police helicopter and officers on the ground, despite the state police flight log that states their help was requested for a manhunt in the woods next to Sandy Hook Elementary.  Keyhoe also testified that no tampering of evidence had been committed by officials, despite the fact that dashboard footage from the day of the incident had apparently been altered to censor time-stamp and identification typical of such footage.  A school board official is seen repeatedly looking at his attorney before asking the simplest of questions:

Governor of Connecticut Confronted, Denies Foreknowledge of “Massacre.”

On the day of the incident, Governor Malloy told the press that he had been “spoken to” previously about such a scenario occurring in his state.  Halbig confronted Governor Malloy before his hearing regarding this bizarre statement.  Malloy simply denied ever making such a statement, despite the fact that it is documented in film and media reports:

“I’m not scared.”

Mr. Halbig assured me that he wasn’t about to give up his investigation, no matter how many threats he received, or stone walls he encounters in trying to get some very simple answers from Connecticut and Newtown officials, who have now given questionable testimony under oath.  More is sure to come as this strange story unfolds, and we will be posting updates in the coming days and months.  To find out more about Halbig’s quest for truth, and to support his efforts, go to:






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JFK Assassination: The Official Cover-Up

Jack Ruby shoots alleged assassin Oswald.  photo courtesy of:

Jack Ruby shoots alleged assassin Oswald. photo courtesy of:

As another anniversary approaches of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963, the average TV viewer is bound to be bombarded with historical revision of the assassination.  But the public has largely not been fooled, as past polls suggest.

The cover-up began before the president’s body had hardly cooled.

Death Before Trial

Lee Harvey Oswald, the self-described “patsy,” a former Marine and supposed Russian defector, was already in custody, but would not survive long enough to be brought to trial.  Oswald would be shot while in police custody by local nightclub owner and police/mafia associate Jack Ruby, on live television.  Ruby himself would die in Dallas before he could tell his whole story, claiming he’d been injected with cancer cells.  Ruby was set to be given a second trial for Oswald’s murder, and had repeatedly begged the Warren Commission to bring him to Washington D.C. and given protection.  Ruby told psychiatrist Werner Teuter that the assassination was “an act of overthrowing the government.”

The Official Cover-Up

Eager to convince the American public that there was no conspiracy or coup afoot, the newly crowned President Johnson would establish the infamous Warren Commission to “investigate,” his predecessor’s murder, though critics point out its bizarre “magic bullet theory” to explain multiple wounds in the president and Texas Governor John Connally, the omission of key evidence, lack of relevant witnesses, and suspicious tampering of evidence and the selective questioning of witnesses.  Adding to the suspicious nature of the Commission was the inclusion of former CIA director Allen Dulles, who’d been fired by the late president, and future president Gerald Ford and future senator Arlen Specter.  At the funeral of Ford, fellow former president George H. W. Bush proclaimed the validity of the government investigation. For students of the assassination, the Warren Commission is thoroughly discredited, even by members of the Commission itself.

Dissent and Death

Oddly enough, Warren Commission member and congressman Hale Boggs became one of the Commission’s harshest critics, being one of three dissenters from the “magic bullet theory,” posed by then-staffer Arlen Specter.  Boggs was aboard a twin-engine Cessna which “disappeared,” over Alaska in 1972.

Others on the Commission who refused to believe the absurd “single bullet theory” were senators Richard Russell and Sherman Cooper.

The Media Cover-Up

Each year, some in media persist in the theory that Oswald shot the president to “get attention,” although Oswald himself denied shooting anyone, telling reporters he was “just a patsy.”

After comedian Mort Sahl appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and asked the audience if they’d like to see New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, who’d launched a probe of the assassination, as a guest on The Tonight Show so they could hear his side of the story, they replied enthusiastically, and NBC was compelled to have Garrison on.  Carson’s hostile treatment of Garrison, and his refusal to allow Garrison to show evidentiary photographs on TV, aroused greater suspicion by the public, and prompted an apology by NBC to its viewers.  Garrison and Carson’s unfriendly exchange can be found here:


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The Sandy Hook Case: Interview with a Dead Woman


Sandy Hook Elementary Principal Dawn Hochsprung, photo courtesy of

Sandy Hook Elementary Principal Dawn Hochsprung, photo courtesy of

Although the Connecticut State Police have attempted to reassure the public that the case on Sandy Hook is closed, there remain details that call the official story into doubt.  One of these numerous anomalies is an online story published in the local paper “The Newtown Bee,” on the morning of the alleged shootings,  in which there is what appeared to be an interview with the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School, Dawn Hochsprung.

“Sandy Hook School principal Dawn Hochsprung told the Bee that a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shows – more than she could count – that went “on and on.” – from the story.

Screen-shot of Newtown Bee Article, Photo courtesy of

Screen-shot of Newtown Bee Article, Photo courtesy of

Disturbingly, Principal Dawn Hochsprung was later reported to have been one of the first victims of the shooting, reportedly while defending her students.  Three days later the original story was replaced with a retraction:

“An early online report from the scene at the December 14 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School quoted a woman who identified herself to our reporter as the principal of the school. The woman was not the school’s principal, Dawn Hochsprung, who was killed in the Friday morning attack. The quote was removed from subsequent online versions of the story, but the original story did remain in our online archive for three days before being deleted.

We apologize for whatever confusion this may have caused our readers and for any pain or anguish it may have cause the Hochsprung family.” – Retraction issued by The Newtown Bee, December 17, 2012

So who was it who falsely identified herself as the principal, if this is indeed the case?  She was well known in the small community.  This is just one of the many questions surrounding the alleged school massacre, which media and government have since used to advocate stricter gun laws.

More to come on the Sandy Hook story.  Further reading and sources:


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A President’s Warning: Eisenhower Farewell Speech

Eisenhower famously warns of danger of "military industrial complex," during his farewell speech in 1961. Photo courtesy of

Video:Eisenhower Farewell Speech Exerpts

“For nearly two years, President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his aides searched for the right words to describe at the end of his presidency his fear that the nation’s burgeoning military power was driving its foreign policy…”

As the defense establishment is caught implementing a huge spy grid on the American public, Eisenhower’s warning becomes clearer.

Full speech (audio gets better):

Full Eisenhower Speech



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World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Bank, New York, photo courtesy of

“A former insider at the World Bank, ex-Senior Counsel Karen Hudes, says the global financial system is dominated by a small group of corrupt, power-hungry figures centered around the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve.” -from article

“The pillars of the U.S. government — some of them — are dysfunctional because of STATE CAPTURE; this is a big story, this is a big cover up.” (my emphasis)

-Karen Hudes, 2013 interview, The New American



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Boston Bombings Aftermath: Suspicious Deaths

While 3 people were killed and more than 260 reportedly injured in the Boston Marathon Bombings on April 15, several individuals connected to the case have died violently since that Monday.

The MIT officer

April 18

10:30 p.m. Thursday: An MIT campus police officer was found shot in
his vehicle in the area of Vassar and Main Streets. According to authorities,
the officer was found with multiple gunshot wounds. He was transported to
Massachusetts General Hospital and pronounced dead.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev

April 19

4:00 p.m. Friday:  The Middlesex County D.A. confirmed that Suspect #1 has died while Suspect #2 escaped.

(editor’s note: There are unconfirmed witness reports that suspect no. 1, Tamerlan, was arrested alive after being stripped naked.  Law enforcement will not confirm, but video shows someone clearly resembling Tamerlan indeed being arrested:  Other reports indicated that law enforcement shot and ran over Tamerlan, rather that his brother.)

More on Tamerlan possibly being arrested alive:

How did Tamerlan Tsarnaev die? Alleged post-autopsy photos of Tamerlan’s body are later leaked to media by law enforcement.

timeline source:

Student falsely identified as Boston bombing suspect found dead in river

April 23

Reports hold that Sunil Tripathi had last been seen on March 16, 2013, before his body was found floating.


FBI Agents Killed in Virginia were involved in the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.

May 17

41-year-old Christopher Lorek, and 40-year-old Stephen Shaw. Photo courtesy of:

Two FBI agents are killed when they plunge into the ocean during “hostage-rescue” training exercises.  Media reports initially fail to note the agents’ connection to the case.…59348.html

Florida man killed by FBI agent reportedly had link to Boston Marathon bomber

May 22

Man of interest shot during questioning by FBI agent.   Initial reports hold that Todashev attacked the agent with a knife during questioning.  Later, law enforcement personnel would backtrack, admitting they were not sure if this were the case.…n-florida/

The Killing of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Would-Be Accomplice Wasn’t So Simple


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Benghazi Hearings: Whistleblowers Speak Out

Scandal Rocks White House, Mainstream Media Attempts Damage Control

Unbelievable testimony reveals apparent official negligence in deaths of U.S. personel at Benghazi.  Other whistleblowers “gagged.”  More below…

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